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Clínica de São Lourenço - Dental Clinic

Clinica De S.Lourenço, located in the center of Funchal, Madeira, with clinical director Dr. Miguel da Nobrega, is a medical, surgical, dental and orthodontic unit privately held, continuously since 1988 providing health care in the area of the mouth, teeth and maxillo-facial surgery.

The diversity of everyday situations covers diseases: of the teeth such as toothache, cavities, abscesses, tooth inclusion; soft tissues lesions (tongue, gums and oral mucosa) as a gingivitis, gingival-stomatitis, gingival retractions, herpes simplex, leukoplakia, eritroplasias, sores, ulcers and even oral cancer; of the jaw as cysts, tumors, cancers, oral-antral fistula, oro-nasal cleft palate, or other maxillofacial deformities such as prognathism, retrognathia and laterognatia; the temporomandibular joint with the full panoply of symptoms in temporomandibular disorders (TMD), as salivary glands calculus, cysts, tumors and cancers, the obstructive sleep apnea syndrome with personal and social effects, sometimes terrifying, and other injuries that, although within our area are not so comon.

Our intervenction covers the rehabilitation from routine oral hygiene to complex treatment of oral surgery and maxillo-facial surgery, including orthognathic surgery, orthodontics, implantology, fixed or removable prosthesis including esthetic and functional dental restorations, root canal treatment and dental bleaching.

The variety of pathological conditions and the need for therapeutic interventions as diverse can only be properly undertaken by a multi and interdisciplinary team with the most advanced and rigorous training, professional experience and the highest ethical principles, to respond correctly and responsibly to those who seek us.

To achieve this objective the working group consists of Dental Assistants, Speech Therapist, Oral Hygienist, Dentist, Maxillo-Facial Surgeon, stomatologist and acting in the physical space of their own contacts with Clinical and preferential medical and surgical areas alike.

Our Dental Clinic

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